Red Star Financial Management (RSFM) and the Professional Financial Claims Association (PFCA)

RSFM are proud members of the PFCA. As a member, RSFM undergo an independent audit to ensure compliance with the PFCA Code of Practice. This means we aim to achieve the highest level of customer service.

The PFCA set professional standards within the financial claims management market. The code sets out the standards that are required and the main areas of focus are:

Consumer Benefits

  • No SMS (TEXT) marketing
  •  No ‘Upfront Fees’ on PPI claims
  •  Compliance with regulation
  •  Consent for communication
  •  Transparent and understandable processes
  •  High standards of communication with all parties
  •  Understanding consumers financial difficulties
  •  Working towards better financial claims processing

The PFCA exists to raise the standards of the financial claims management sector. It aims to deliver “access to justice through Ethical and Professional Standards”.

For more information about the PFCA you can visit their website at To view the Code of Practice please click here

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